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Your Forever Home

Not a day goes by that you don’t hear from someone struggling with the care of a mother, father, aunt, uncle, or spouse. As we age, certain daily tasks and chores can become increasingly difficult, which leads many seniors to consider moving into retirement communities. However, not everyone wants to leave their home.

Almost 90 percent of Americans 65 or older plan to stay in their homes as they age. Yet for many, the design of their homes is not suitable for older adults.

According to CDC, the population of Americans 65+ will double in the country over the next 25 years and by 2060 there will be over 98 million older adults, comprising 25% of the U.S. population. They can also be expected to live longer. Almost 20% of the older adults will be 85+, and demographics suggest that 600,000 will be over 100.  

With this in mind, we will lead a panel discussion on October 12 at our temporary location, Chestnut Hill Elementary School. The purpose is to identify innovations in housing, wellness, services, and care-giving to effectively age in place.  

Registration For Sept./Oct. Programs for Adults Date Change

Please note, registration for most adult programs (excluding cooking, Sunday performances, fitness, trips, the Senior Prom and Canasta) will begin on Monday, August 26 at 10 am. This is different than what is stated in the newsletter.

Registration for Children and Teen programs remains the same (9/9 at 6 pm).

LinkedIn Learning (Formerly Lynda.com) Discontinued

Recently, we were made aware that LyndaLibrary has transitioned to LinkedIn Learning. As part of that migration, users will be required to create or connect a LinkedIn profile. Library users would have their full name publicly searchable on Google and the LinkedIn platform. This requirement violates the American Library Association’s (ALA) Code of Ethics and the Library Bill of Rights

Upon hearing of this, we have decided to discontinue service immediately and begin looking for a replacement. We are committed to ensuring our patrons privacy and safety within our walls or when accessing library resources online. 

For more information visit: http://www.ala.org/news/member-news/2019/07/ala-urges-linkedin-learning-reconsider-changes-terms-service-impair-library.