Our latest podcast: Vacationland, by John Hodgman

Suffer through painful beaches in a fun way! Ellen explains how.

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Robert Benchley

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Summer Travels and Streaming along….

As you hit the road this Summer for vacation adventures, bring HHH downloadable content with you!  Check out Hoopla, Flipster, Overdrive and more for magazines, books, music, and movies.  Remember, you don’t have to pack a download!

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PBS Presents: The Great American Read!

As decided on by 7,000 voters, PBS is presenting an eight part television series entitled The Great American Read They’ve narrowed the list down to 100 books.  How many have you read???  To check out these titles, swing by the library and browse our display!  Or, you can always download them!!

Our latest podcast: Four Perfect Pebbles, by Lila Perl and Marion Blumenthal Lazan

Heart-wrenching memoir by holocaust survivor Marion Blumenthal Lazan. Charlene sums it up.

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Our latest podcast: Beyond the Bright Sea, by Lauren Wolk

This award-winning mysterious tale of an orphan and her search for her origins is a great read for the tween in your life.

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