Nationwide Book Embargo

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  • Effective November 1, 2019, Macmillan and its subsidiaries are restricting your library‘s ability to purchase e-books.
  • The Half Hollow Hills Board of Trustees has joined the national ALA campaign #EbooksForAll and is supporting a national embargo of Macmillan.
  • We hope that Macmillan will change their mind. 
  • Click on the link above and sign the nationwide #eBooksForAll petition.

What does this mean for you?
When you look for a Macmillan title in OverDrive or Libby, you will not find it.

When you search the OPAC for a new hard cover or audiobook, you might find that title from another library. However, the hold list will be long and most libraries will be restricting the title for their patrons only. In order to have an immediate financial impact on Macmillan, your Board of Trustees and many others in the county have decided we are not purchasing any title in any format.

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