First time users will need to set up their account

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Set up ZINIO accounts - for the first time user
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Activation of your free Zinio magazine service will take few minutes, but it will give you access to the Half Hollow Hills Community Library magazine subscriptions which you can enjoy on your computer, tablet or smart phone.

It requires creation of these free accounts:

1. A library Zinio account to select and check out magazines

2. A account to read magazines on your computer

3. A Zinio Reader App to read your magazines on your mobile device

1. Create Library Zinio account to select and check out magazines:
• or go to, click on Downloads, select Magazines
• or on HHHL Mobile App go to Downloads, select eMagazines from Zinio.
  Pick a magazine, select Checkout Now and create your account

You must use the same email address for both accounts.

2. Create Library account to read magazines:

• After checking out your magazine, a window will open and prompt you
  to log in.
• Click create new account. Enter the required information and click Submit.
• Once your library collection account is validated, click confirm check out.

3. Install The ZINIO Reader app:
Visit your device's app store to download and install the free Zinio Reader App.
or go to HHHL Mobile App, click Downloads, select Zinio eMagazine App.

• Click on setting
• Click on sign in
• Enter your email and password
• Set your home screen to READ

* Use the Zinio App only to read your magazines. To browse and check out new issues of library magazines follow directions "Check out additional magazines".

* Some magazines can only be viewed using the Zinio Reader app and will not be available on your computer.

* Zinio Reader App compatibility includes PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android, Kindle Fire, and Windows 8.


Read your magazines

On your computer – after checking out a magazine, click the cover image to open it for reading.
On the Zinio Reader App:

1. Open the Zinio Reader App (and sign in to your account if necessary)
2. Select a magazine you've previously checked out by tapping on the cover.
3. The issue will open for reading and begin downloading to your device.
4. Continue reading your magazine or finish reading offline after the download is finished.

Check out additional magazines

Return to the HHHCL library Zinio Collection at:
• or go to, click on Downloads, select Magazines
• or on HHHL Mobile App go to Downloads, select eMagazines from Zinio select a magazine and check it out.

NOTE: You cannot check out magazines with the Zinio Reader app.

Manage your account

Use the account settings area of your account and/or the Zinio Reader App on your mobile device to stop receiving unwanted sample magazines, emails from, or to block adult content.

Remove magazines

On your computer go to:
• or go to, click on Downloads, select Magazines
• go to my checked-out magazines
• edit your reading list
• click on X to remove a magazine

On your tablet or smart phone

• Open the Zinio Reader App
• Click on Read
• Click on Edit
• Click on X to remove a magazine