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55 Vanderbilt Parkway
Dix Hills, N.Y. 11746

(631) 421-4530

Monday - Friday:
9:30 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.
9:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Sundays (Sept. - June):
noon - 5:00 p.m.


510 Sweet Hollow Road
Melville, N.Y. 11747

(631) 421-4535

Monday - Thursday:
10:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.
Friday and Saturday:
10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.



(631) 213-7927

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Buildings and Grounds Highlights


Dix Hills - The public internet room was refurbished and public computers relocated to main floor space, creating new Dix Hills Meeting Room.
Dix Hills - Major sidewalk and parking lot repairs completed.
Dix Hills - Window kits installed in office and some of the meeting room doors, increasing visibility and safety.
Dix Hills and Melville - Most of the fabric main level seating was replaced with new mesh chairs with wheels.
Dix Hills and Melville - Internet speed doubled with new SCLS Light Tower contract.
Dix Hills - A French drain and eleven new trees were installed along the west property line, improving drainage and increasing privacy for our neighbor.
Dix Hills - Obsolete, nonfunctioning security gates were disposed of, opening up the main entrance with new lobby and entrance floor mats.


Dix Hills - Three new air handlers were installed in the 1988 section that boast energy saving technology.
Dix Hills and Melville - AEDs installed and staff CPR training is underway.
Melville - New security camera system installed.
Melville - Library lawn sign replaced.
Dix Hills - Twelve book stacks were removed, creating new seating and study areas.
Dix Hills - The solar panels have generated over 150 megawatts of power, reducing our electric bills.
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to see solar panel activity.


Dix Hills - Savings of more than $10,000 in electrical costs after one year with solar panels.
Dix Hills and Melville - Upgrade to voicemail.
Dix Hills - New security cameras installed.
Dix Hills - New shelving installed in Children's Department.
Dix Hills - Chairs reupholstered in the Children's Department.
Melville - New energy efficient windows installed in the Children's Department.
Dix Hills and Melville - Purchased up-to-date assisted listening devices for meeting room programs.


Dix Hills - New energy efficient roofing and solar panels installed. Click here to see solar panel activity.
Dix Hills - Meeting room wall repair.
Dix Hills - New furniture for children's and teen areas.
Dix Hills - New signage.
Dix Hills and Melville - Telephone service consolidated for cost savings.
Dix Hills and Melville - Door release magnets installed to bringing the Library up to current fire code.
Dix Hills and Melville - Energy efficient motion detectors installed for savings in lighting.
Dix Hills and Melville - Projectors installed in Melville meeting room and Dix Hills Children's Activity Room.
Dix Hills and Melville - New meeting room chairs purchased.


Melville - Whole building interior renovation and repairs.
Dix Hills - Transverse bracing installed on upper mezzanine shelving.
Dix Hills and Melville - Installation of new energy efficient boilers and air handlers.
Dix Hills and Melville - Indoor air quality testing.
Dix Hills - Installation of military grade maintenance-free transient voltage surge suppressors.
Dix Hills - Five trees planted.
Melville - Casement windows replaced.
Dix Hills and Melville - Elevator upgrades, including panoramic eye and emergency call buttons.
Dix Hills - Children's Activity Room painted and mural added to wall.
Dix Hills - Garage door safety device added due to changes in fire code.


Dix Hills - New teen furniture.
Melville - New garden and landscaping design.
Dix Hills - Additional closed captioned TV cameras.
Dix Hills and Melville - Bulb and ballast recycling program begun to eliminate hazardous waste trash.
Dix Hills and Melville - Green cleaning initiative.
Dix Hills and Melville - Additional emergency lighting added throughout buildings.


Dix Hills - Lobby floor and staircase repairs.
Dix Hills - Parking lot and sidewalks replaced resulting in more parking with drop off/pick up lanes.
Melville - Complete roof replacement and asbestos abatement.
Melville - Exterior building fascia and trim painted.
Dix Hills and Melville - Additional lighting upgrades to eliminate inefficient fixtures.
Dix Hills - Gardens revamped and added.
Dix Hills and Melville - New telephone system installed.


Dix Hills and Melville - Lighting upgrades to reduce energy usage and costs.
Dix Hills - Major repairs completed on air handler unit number one.
Dix Hills - New meeting room tables and chairs for Children's Activity Room.
Dix Hills - Air handler number two replaced with energy efficient unit.
Dix Hills - Mold remediation and ductwork cleaning.
Dix Hills - Extensive HVAC repairs to original equipment.
Dix Hills - Lobby panic handles replace push bars on doors in Main Lobby.
Dix Hills and Melville - Public park benches installed.
Dix Hills - Light fixtures added to parking lot.
Dix Hills - Closed captioned TV upgrades and additional cameras.


Dix Hills and Melville - LED exit lights installed.
Dix Hills - Main floor renovation; carpet, paint and shelving.
Dix Hills - Pressure relief valves installed on diffusion wells.
Dix Hills - Joined LIPA night light and Peak Reduction programs.
Dix Hills - Additional parking lot light poles installed.
Dix Hills - New blinds installed in Internet room and Reference Office to reduce sun glare.
Dix Hills - Added HVAC pneumatic valves to improve indoor air quality.
Dix Hills - Skylight tinting completed to reduce sun glare and excessive heat issues.
Dix Hills - Major HVAC repairs completed.


Dix Hills and Melville - Organic tree and lawn care program instituted.
Dix Hills - Well pump replaced.


Dix Hills - Skylight repairs and maintenance completed to stop and slow down leaks.
Dix Hills and Melville - Closed captioned TV cameras installed.
Melville - Barrier Free ADA entrance door opening devices installed.
Dix Hills - Major sidewalk repairs.


Dix Hills - Excavation and water sealing along front foundation wall to prevent water leaks.



Revised, 3,28,2013